Demeatrice Webster

Freshman – Music Minor

demeatriceSince beginning his study of the tuba at the age of 12, Demeatrice Webster has played for many audiences around Grand Rapids and Michigan. He grew up in Kentwood, MI, and started playing tuba in sixth grade. 3 years later, he discovered his high school’s Pep Band, Marching Band, and Symphonic Wind Ensemble. He also had the privilege of participating in the Grand Rapids Symphony Mosaic Scholarship, playing for multiple Solo & Ensemble auditions, and participating in Calvin College’s Honor Band activities. Now, he is taking private lessons under Paul Carlson, Affiliate Professor at Grand Valley State University.

Demeatrice is a diligent musician, always striving to give the music he plays the unique interpretation that it deserves. Whatever style the music entails, he will be careful to align his playing with that idiom, so that his listeners can interpret the music the way it is meant to be interpreted. Currently, Demeatrice is studying as a Music Minor at Grand Valley. He plans to use all the skills he obtains from his years there for future performances and opportunities off campus.