Nikolaus Schroeder

Senior, Music and Nonprofit Administration

Niko Schroeder consists solely of optimism, good intentions, 29083068500_32567ebecd_oand campy songs.Niko is an undergraduate at Grand Valley State University, where he studies music and nonprofit administration. His emphases are composition and musicology, and he is also active in the jazz, theory, and performance areas. He currently performs with the GVSU Wind Symphony, student jazz combo, the Bassment Boys (a tuba quartet), and the Lake Effects (a Grand Rapids brass-pop outfit). He serves as the GVSU New Music Ensemble’s student manager,sound engineer, and occasional euphonist. His primary teachers and mentors are Bill Ryan (composition), Paul Carlson (euphonium), Lisa Feurzeig (ethnomusicology), and Michael Drost (jazz trombone).

His compositions span a wide array of genres–from punk rock to contemporary classical chamber works. His accolades include runner-up in the Donald Sinta Quartet 2015 Composition Competition and 1st, 2nd (tie), and audience favorite awards at the 2016 GVSU New Music Ensemble Micro-works Competition. He is GVSU’s ’15/’16 Composer of the Year. He was commissioned by the GVSUNME to write a piece for their 2016 National Parks Tour, and his works have been performed by the Donald Sinta Quartet, GVSU Varsity Men’s Glee Club, Brass Action Quintet, and a variety of other soloists and small ensembles. Niko would love to write you a piece too. His ongoing composition projects include his brass-pop band, The Lake Effects, and a series of extended-technique etudes for unaccompanied tuba.

Niko has interned for the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, Adiri Music, and Artworks in Big Rapids. He has been crafting his cold-calling, crowd-funding game since birth. He is a regular volunteer at the Grand Valley Sustainable Agriculture Farm, and in his limited free time, he enjoys caterwauling in the shower, consuming everything as though it were art, bothering strangers, taking the audience to the corners of their mind (and patience), and occasionally trying to create post-modern poetry.

If you are interested in performing one of Niko’s works, would like to commission him, need him for your software development team, or want to know why his biography is so long and rambling, you can reach him at