Sam Rodgers

Senior – Music

Sam Rodgers is a fifth year euphonium player in the studio. His inspiration to play, write, and study music comes from his friends, family, life experiences, and the want to bring people from all walks of life together. Sam is also a 15-year veteran on the electric guitar, playing proficiently in rock ‘n roll, heavy metal, jazz, blues, and laid-back vibes.

In his spare time, Sam cares for his beard using only all natural products. He also likes watching football, getting lost on youtube, plants, exploring nature, enjoying the small things, and reading controversial conspiracy theory articles. Sam has played in several tuba quartets, as well as the GVSU tuba ensemble. He is an alumni of the GVSU Laker Marching Band. Sam is currently seated in the GVSU concert band and the Tuba GEMS tuba quartet. Sam will be graduating in Fall 2017.